CLIQZ :: Safer browsing made in Germany

by Volker Weber


You may want to check this out. CLIQZ is a very clean browser based on Firefox that tries to protect your privacy and make your browsing safer. Runs on desktop as well as mobile. One feature I stumbled upon: it keeps your guilty pleasures out of your history.


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Hubert Burda and "protect my privacy"? Are you sure?

René Fischer, 2017-01-30

No more need to sift through a boring history. Just check the list of sites configured for "forget mode". :-)

Robert Dahlem, 2017-01-31

Tried it, and it did not render some of the pages I was viewing well. This is surprising given the fact that it is based on Firefox. Played around with default font settings, but that did not help either.

Anyway I have no use for a browser that does not allow me to have my tabs placed on the left side.

Martin Dietze, 2017-01-31

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