Groovy Messaging Wave

by Volker Weber

Messaging is all the rage and if you believe the usual suspects, it's going to replace email as the dominant tool for internal communications within companies. It creates an open space for sharing information within a team, bringing everybody up to speed about what is going on. Before you buy into this vision, take a look back at two other platforms that tried and failed: Google Wave and (Microsoft) Groove.


Groove was never wanted inside Microsoft, the bought it and it was clearly commnicated that it will go to Sharepoint. Sharepoint is still missing the key features of Groove(working offline). It was a great product.

Google Wave had the problem that it was to long closed beta.

Bjoern Bendix, 2017-01-31

Fond Memories!

Ulli Mueller, 2017-01-31

I found googles wave concept very interresting and tempting. could have been a real notes killer with its "robots"

Thorsten Ebers, 2017-01-31

Was there ever a Notes killer or was it suicide?

Nils Halvorsen, 2017-01-31

My 2c:
Groove suffered from the (arrogant?) entry hurdle of not being resellable and Groove wanting tons of money from business partners for the SDK.
A lot of Ozzie faithful stood ready to be turned down. Without an Eco system it was doomed.

Wave on the other hand fell victim to be ahead of time and a sound dose of NIH. Lacking integration into existing tools and a complex API didn't help either. Just compare it to the Slack API today.

So far no Eierlegendewollmilchsau has emerged that could bridge the gap between "I'm in charge, this is my inbox" and "Let's keep everyone on the same page".

I'm very curious how the "information triage" aka signal vs. noise attempts evolve.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2017-01-31

I think perspective has been wrong.. Too much talk about product, rather than function or objective. People want to communicate, short messages with content... email. IBM Connections, Google Wave, Microsoft Groove.. product makers talking about product....

Giulio Campobassi, 2017-02-01

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