Three best Apple products of 2016

by Volker Weber


  1. AirPods. No contest. We have had Bluetooth headsets for years. The AirPods redefine the category. You never have to worry about pairing and connection. Hold the case next to your Apple device and it asks you whether you want to connect. All of your Apple devices. It feels like plugging them in. Only, there is no wire.
  2. iPhone 7 Plus. The new camera is the bomb. Portrait mode is still in beta (or is it?), but it works beautifully. And it's a wonderful evolution. I don't want Apple to change the recipe for iPhones. Nobody move my cheese!
  3. Watch Series 2. Just like the original, enhanced, without making the original outdated. Longer battery life, brighter display, waterproof, GPS, faster. But it's all in the software, where Apple got it right with the third revision, for all Apple Watches.

One thing that needs to improve is charging. AirPods and iPhone use Lightning, Watch needs its super special wireless charger. That feels clunky when traveling.


I would add the new MacBook Pro.

In December I switched from my 2012 to the new MacBook Pro 13" with Touch Bar.

I like it a lot.

So much lighter and smaller than the old ones. Only having USB-C is not really an issue for me and it will be the future.

Beside other things Touch ID on a Mac is a cool thing.

Detlev Poettgen, 2017-02-04

Can't agree more: Have my Airpods since 3 days, love em. Very seldom takes my wife care of my tech geekery. This time i gave her the Airpods to test and she loves it in an instant, so we fight for Airpods-Time since...

What's magical about this products is that these things are nearest to your body. Calling them wearables doesn't tell the whole story. One has to think about how they enhance and extend your Life/Body/Mind in the context's you have them with you. Using them together is sometimes more then the sum of the pieces you wear or have with you because you have to think about this as a whole integrated experience and not so much as separated pieces from yourself. And this is just the beginning...

Bernd Hofmann, 2017-02-04

The watch has been a game changer for me. Saw my doctor last week and she said "You look so much better than you did 3 weeks ago"... Thanks vowe

I like the concept of the AirPods but really like my Sennheiser HD25 for sound quality...

iPhone 7? I'm on the S cycle, so will have to wait to the 7s

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2017-02-04

Wenn man sich all diese ach so tollen Kommentare vor der Auslieferung der AirPods ins Gedächtnis ruft, sie dann aber selber in Händen oder besser in den Ohren hat, dann kann man sich ein leises überhebliches Lächeln über dies Kommentarschreiber nicht verkneifen.

Wolfram Votteler, 2017-02-05

The best Apple products for me ...

iPhone SE
Watch "Classic" - the first one
PowerBeats 3 Wireless

Sebastian Klossek, 2017-02-06

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