Signal adds video calling

by Volker Weber


Enable in Advanced Settings. Callkit support means you can answer calls from the lock screen. Enable/disable as you like.

But by all means, start using Signal for safe communications. I am now at 144 contacts in Signal, more than half of WhatsApp contacts. We are getting there.


Ah, but if you enable Callkit, then Apple will log your calls & store the info on iCloud, which defeats the piracy mechanism.

"CallKit offers a native calling experience to VoIP apps like Signal. As well as being able to answer calls directly from your lock screen, you’ll also see Signal calls in the system’s "Recent Calls" list. This is because iOS treats CallKit calls like any other call, however that also means some information will be synced to iCloud if enabled. This information includes who you called and how long you talked."

Amy Blumenfield, 2017-02-15 01:28

I see it differently.
Having contacts, music, but as well keychain, Safari bookmarks et al synched on my devices is my expectation and I appreciate those services.
If some (information of) calls made don't synch, as it happens in FaceTime, I notice it and it disturbs me.
Having such services means synching data via your iCloud account; if you have calls with the power to ruin your live, don't do it and even think twice to use such devices!

…and I don't want to launch a "religious" discussion… just my view.

Michael Renner, 2017-02-15 07:09

Amy, exactly. Michael, it's good to have a choice.

Volker Weber, 2017-02-15 07:15

This is really good news.

All I'd like now is the ability to block callers. (which you can already do on Android)

Ian Bradbury, 2017-02-15 10:48

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