Come join us for IBM Connect 2017

by Volker Weber


It has never been easier to be at IBM Connect without actually being at IBM Connect. After I decided not to travel to San Francisco, I have set up a Slack Team Space for everybody. It now has more than 250 members, about 40% of those members are in San Francisco so we can have a lively disussion. We have eight channels now: #general for announcement, #random for everything that is interesting, then #connections. #dominoappdev and #watsonworkspace for different topics. #photos-only is for collecting photos, #presentations-only for those presentation slides. And finally #twitter, which collects all #IBMconnect tweets.


If you have an email address in one of those domains, you can go right to the signup page to join us:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you don't have one of those email domains, any team member can invite you. That includes me. Tell me if I should add your mail domain to the list above when you ask for an invite, so that others can dive right in.


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