Jaybird X3 :: Now my favorite ear canal headset

by Volker Weber


I always take a few days after a "First impressions" post to follow up on a product. And the X3 has proven themselves worthy. They provides a complete seal without being uncomfortable. I also tried the Freedom once more, but I cannot achieve the seal even with the exact same ear gels. This is one of the rare exceptions where a less expensive product wins. :-)


I ran the battery all the way down while working today. Recharged it and then used the X3 some more. Very comfortable after I made sure they fit perfectly in my first session. I tried them without the fins, but they won't stay in as perfectly as with them.

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How do they compare to the Apple ear buds

David Guillaume, 2017-03-03

Completely different experience.

The Airpods go in and out of your ears without any effort. The case is brilliant. However, they don't seal off your environment, so they will not work well in noisy environments. I use them a lot for their convenience.

The Jaybirds "plug in". And they stay in. When you are wearing them, you are alone. Storage, charging, and generally the handling is less sophisticated. Their sound is very customizable, from flat to Beats.

Volker Weber, 2017-03-03

Weird, specific question: How does the headset signal that its battery is running low?

I am currently using a Phillips set that, while being quite comfy and sounding nice (enough), irritates me with a spoken "Battery low" notification. It's way waay too loud (and independent from the actual headset volume). This has become a pet peeve for me now. I don't want to have someone screeching in my ear if the power runs out.

Marc Beckersjuergen, 2017-03-03

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