Deutsche Börse moves to Office 365 Cloud

by Volker Weber

Exciting news for global financial services providers in highly regulated countries looking to modernize their business operations with a move to the cloud: Deutsche Börse Group (DBG) is taking a thought leadership approach to digital transformation by moving to Office 365 to digitally transform the way they work. Based in Frankfurt, DBG is a leading stock exchange in Germany and one of the largest exchange organizations worldwide, with offices in more than 20 locations.

That is going to end a few discussions at other financial services providers which believe they need to run on premises. Good customer reference for Microsoft.

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Indeed, I was quite surprised to read it earlier today. Great reference. "If they can, ..." 👍

Hubert Stettner, 2017-03-06

Cloud Germany is nowhere explicitly mentioned in Microsoft's release. An elaborate guess or do you have other sources?

Thomas Cloer, 2017-03-07

It's lockbox in European Cloud.

Ennio Schubert, 2017-03-07

Thank you, Ennio. Thomas, thank you for asking. I had a (weak) source and that source was wrong. I asked Microsoft and they confirmed it is the regular O365 cloud.

I also corrected the headline.

Volker Weber, 2017-03-07

Interesting, thanks for pointing me to that announcement, Volker.

We are providing software for financial services and are still facing a lot of "CLOUD? No, never!" discussions there...

I hope that press release changes the mindsets :-)

Johannes Koch, 2017-03-08

I do not see a choice of not adopting O365 - it is just a question of the time it takes. Microsoft is not doing well to explain how such a move can be done in a secure way. To fasten up the process, this is the gap to close.


Peter Meuser, 2017-03-10

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