IBM extends Notes and Domino life well into the next century

by Volker Weber


I won't be around long enough to verify this claim. So I will just leave it as is.

Here is what I know. Last year IBM has extended support for 9.0.1 into 2021. Without that move it would have automatically terminated 5 years after the release, or in 2018. Five years is the maximimum period IBM can commit to. 2016 + 5 = 2021. This time frame gives IBM ample time to figure out what to do with version numbers. 9.0.1 Feature Pack 8 sounds kind of silly. Maybe just 9 and something like 1703 (yymm)? One of the things I did not expect will also happen: Java gets updated to 8, toether with a much needed Eclipse update. Does anybody still call that Expeditor?


The Donald Trump school of tweeting.

Ben Poole, 2017-03-16

The 22nd-century release of Notes will be 9.0.2.

Nah, just kidding, it'll still be 9.0.1.

Julian Woodward, 2017-03-16

Don't believe the fakers!

Volker Weber, 2017-03-16

It might be Notes 2021. Have faith. It will be around in the 22nd century.

Andy Mell, 2017-03-16

Obviously he just meant 'decade'...

Dietmar Dumke, 2017-03-16

@Jens-Uwe. Thank you, I like your personal commitment. So what's wrong about the assumption to meet on January 1st, 2100 and to celebrate (btw is 2100 already the start of the next century or do we have to wait until 2101) and to see. Don't worry, when I'll contact you the next time, most probably I'll not ask you to give trust into the future of Notes. Live long and prosper.

@vowe - Yes it sounds very weird to consider to have a birthday party for Notes 9.0.1 FP 1352. But why not! Neither you nor me drive a DeLorean, do you? Let's make some future calendar entries for the 50th, 75th and 100rd birthday of Notes. Then we can make plans for the above mentioned party. Don't forget to invite Jens-Uwe, he'll be with us, aren’t you @Jens-Uwe? If there will be a funeral in the meantime, don't forget to cancel the invites and to send a new one for this event. As well to you @vowe: live long and prosper.

Jörg Rafflenbeul, 2017-03-17

Yes to Expeditor. It Expedited our move off of Notes ;)

Colin Williams, 2017-03-18

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