Week 11/2017 #dontbreakthechain

by Volker Weber


Excellent Wednesday after last weeks slump. On Thursday I was a bit too careless and the shoulder was blocked again. Diclofenac-Colestyramin is my friend. Will be more careful next week. CeBIT is coming up Monday and Tuesday and these are always days where I hardly make my 10k. I used to think that CeBIT meant a lot of walking, but it's just a lot of drinks and cookies. Not a healthy week ahead.

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I am losing a few people from week to week. If you broke the chain, don't sweat it. Just start a new one. Monday starts a new game.


See you at CeBIT fair ;)...

Ingo Seifert, 2017-03-20

Broke the chain last night during my flight to Thailand and the change of the timezone. However, will start again after our vacation ;-)

Michael Urspringer , 2017-03-20

You can set a time and meeting point for a CEBIT walk either at lunch time or in the evening as several people complain in their tweets above. :-)

Patrick Bohr, 2017-03-21

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