Apple acquires Workflow

by Volker Weber


Workflow is a powerful automation app, that let's your string together a set of applications and actions within those apps to automate repetitive tasks. The screenshot above was resized, renamed and pushed to the site via sftp using a Workflow automation. It returns the html code I need to paste into this entry.

Apple has now acquired Workflow and will make the app available for free. I see it as a sign that Apple cares about power users on iOS.

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I'm not sure how much they care about power users:

-Maps actions are now powered by Apple Maps
-Get Street View Image, Google Chrome, Pocket, LINE, Telegram, Uber, and Workflow Gallery submissions are no longer supported

Karl Heindel, 2017-03-23

Mac & i hat eine gute Erklärung.

Volker Weber, 2017-03-23

Could be great news. As long as they will still let me turn a series of annoying photos into an animated GIF, or a Live photo into an animated GIF... :-)

Chris Lindley, 2017-03-23

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