BlackBerry or BlackBerryMobile

by Volker Weber

Since there is absolute radio silence from BlackBerry about potential upgrades to Android Nougat for DTEK50, DTEK60 or PRIV, I asked both @BlackBerry and @BBMobile who is responsible for communications about upgrades and updates. The answer is quite telling. @BBMobile, a TCL entity, says that @BlackBerry is responsible. And @BlackBerry says nothing.

@BBMobile wants to sell smartphones, @BlackBerry wants to sell "security", or enterprise software, and does not wish to talk about smartphones anymore. They just handed their forums over to

I guess we will have to live with radio silence. Nobody is talking. And in absense of information we can only resort to speculation. The original plan was to upgrade the old Android devices after Mercury shipped. Then BlackBerry stroke the deal with TCL. Mercury was announced as KEYone, but it's still not shipping. I am not holding my breath for Nougat upgrades.


I'm holding my breath for the April Priv Update... March was already very late, April did not get any better.

Nougat would be sweet!

Stefan Opitz, 2017-04-17

My last information is that the nougat-update will be rolled out soon after the release of the key one. I think it doesn´t come out before june...

Ralph Hammann, 2017-04-18

Got the April update on my DTEK50 today. Still nothing on the PRIV.

Christopher Linfoot, 2017-04-18

News on the April patch for D60 and Priv at least.

As per John in Beta Zone... and expected by any sane person. :p

[QUOTE]Still in the pipe! Sometimes the integrations we have to make to patch a month's vulnerabilities cause unexpected surprizes that we have to correct. You might remember DTEK50 being a few weeks late for a while over December/January, and now it's right back on schedule -- it's actually ahead of all the others, including its own planned schedule.

The team is pushing. We have everyone engaged to reduce the usual lag with getting approvals and such when it's ready, so as soon as it's good to go we'll whip it out the door right away.[/QUOTE]

Ingo Müller, 2017-04-19

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