IBM's revenue down for 20 consecutive quarters

by Volker Weber


In October 2011 Ginni Rometty assumed the role of president and CEO of IBM. A year later she took on the added role of chairman of IBM. She is also part of a White House business-advisory council under the Trump Administration.

Five years seems to be quite a long time to right this ship. Whatever she is doing, it isn't working.


IBM is a old style company..need to change!
Gold products had in his hands as Lotus Notes and Domino
It has unable to improve the product...
the last great director of software was Ray Ozzie
WebSphere Java and a huge pile of s***t. large infrastructures for what?

The customer no longer seeks IBM because the competition is faster to change.
Too many products, too much bureaucracy and too much confusion.

Right now he is laying off a lot of people around the world and then take a lot of Indians, just to cut costs.

But then the quality of the code? The quality of the sw products?

Ginni Rometty continues to take prizes every year.
IBM is a company with a certain destiny now. and it will not be a bright future

if it will not make the modern, functional software made by smart people his life will end soon...

joseph bauman, 2017-04-19

"Don't Break the Chain"?

John Lindsay, 2017-04-19

Thank you very much, John. You definitely and thoroughly made my day 😂 👍

I was thinking if and what to write here. I can only say, that the performance matches my observations, unfortunately.

Hubert Stettner, 2017-04-19

I did not understood the Verse thingy. Never used so far, but for me it just looked like an overhaul of mail client to web. how long did they need to implement all this ? And then still some features are not available. Domino had already a working web client interface. IBM is the company that invents things at least twice I think.

Renameing Sametime was also big waste of resources.

Thorsten Ebers, 2017-04-19

IBM made some bad decisions in the past. Leaving the "office" market was one of them. Abandon e-mail another. Now, Microsoft brings all these stuff in to their (Office365 and Azure) cloud with all their customers. For IBM, these products werent "sexy" enough, but unfortunately the cloud changed everything. Making a turnaround is almost impossible. SaaS is now dominated by Microsoft and companies like salesforce, ERP by SAP and IaSS by AWS. IBM has still good & innovative solutions (Watson, A&D, and, yes, Connections) but a large amount of sales volume will be made elsewhere.

Only my opinion.

by the way: IBM sold their complete hardware business for almost the same price as microsoft spend in ... minecraft :-)

Roland Dressler, 2017-04-19

Too much of IBM was driven by their sales team. If they couldn't make a million dollar sale, they didn't want to talk to you. The evolution of too many products show this in how things like Sametime went from running on a single Domino server to needing a small datacenter just for itself. Ditto Quickr, now Connections. The added features for many didn't justify the complexity.

Bill Brown, 2017-04-19

Volker - what do you think it takes for the board to make a change? Do they just wait out her term or does something happen sooner than that (5 more years)? I have my own opinions but curious what you think.

John Head, 2017-04-19

John, I have no theory. IBM is in a flat spin and without decisive action it cannot save itself.

Volker Weber, 2017-04-19

Just on the Domino front ... because that's all I care about now.
(we're off Connections and onto 365, we're off Notes Mail and onto outlook).

Reaffirm the Domino roadmap PROPERLY
Not.... "we'll support until 2021 and then think about it".

Either Ratify NSF as the definitive NoSQL for IBM or State what is the IBM NoSQL Database and provide a simple migration path to it.

Stop it with the XPages stuff. Make it CLEAR to everyone that the IBM NoSQL database can be interacted with properly using any of the Open Source stacks out there.

Gavin Bollard, 2017-04-20

This news confirm all

Good bye IBM

Paolo malerba, 2017-04-20

They're still a profitable cash machine ... as long as their cost and expense scale with the revenue, no need to worry short term. The longer term bet is fully on Cognitive Computing from hardware over software to service. It's a long time since the Jeopardy-Win, but now it does seem to catch on quite well. Just because IBM is half the size of before or does not play in certain segments, it's not gone.

Martin Hiegl, 2017-04-21

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