Marshall Monitor BT

by Volker Weber


The Apple Airpods are my most used headset. They fit my ears, they work well, they sound reasonably nice, they are easy to carry and charge. When you wear them, you look like a complete idiot. And there are things that they cannot play well. When I need to be alone with myself, when I want to blast my ears, I need something more substantial. Enter the Marshall Monitor BT, an over-the-ear-headset with Bluetooth connection to my iPhone and a cable for everything else.


They fit my head and my ears, they play for 30 hours between charges, they isolate me from the noise around me, and they are really really loud. And this little brass knob is why I love them so much. Instead of asking Siri to please raise the volume I just push the knob upwards. And then push it again. Downwards is lower volume, but who wants that? Right is next track, left is last track. Push it for three seconds and the headsets turns on and off, push longer for Bluetooth pairing, a short push will pause/play or make/break phone calls. It is one single control and it is effing brilliant.

I can store the folded headset in the included bag for travel, together with the audio and the charge cable. And I can share what I am listening to with a second headset that plugs right into mine.


This is not my first Marshall headset. I already used the Major II, which I returned with some hesitance. Those were only on-ear, which somebody called the little sister of an over-ear headset. This one is different.

I have headsets with multipoint Bluetooth connectivity, I have headsets with active noise cancellation, I have headsets that may even sound a bit better. But there is more than technology, there is also emotion. And I swear, my air guitar sounds way better when wearing the Marshall Monitor.

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As much as i love the marshall gadgets for there design, so much i love my sennheiser's for there sound. Since the HD-414 days in the Seventies or eighties i'am hooked to them. My current one is a MOMENTUM Over-Ear Wireless (as an audiophile i use it mostly with wires on a DAC). I also use an older HD595 which is more comfortable over the ears because it is open, but it didn't sound as good as the MOMENTUM (into which i have to squeeze my big ears a bit, because the cups are not big enough). My Dream-Headphones would be a pair of Sennheiser HD800S, but they are expensiv as hell. So i dream on – and, like you, mostly use my Airpods each and every day...

Bernd Hofmann, 2017-04-22

But these go to 11 :-)

Richard Schwartz, 2017-04-22

Thank you for understanding, Richard. :-)

Volker Weber, 2017-04-22

My Bose QC35 shares what I'm listening to without having to plug anything in. :-)

Scott Hanson, 2017-04-23

So I heard. But Trump isn't the only person who can make wiretap claims. Innocent until proven guilty. QC35 is the first Bose headset I would consider. Good choice, Scott.

But they don't go to eleven.

Volker Weber, 2017-04-23


Karl Heindel, 2017-04-25


Volker Weber, 2017-04-25

Ich weiß, ich kenne die Marshall Verstärker von früher schon als wir noch das Bier ..., nee, das ist eine andere Geschichte. Aber bei "eleven" fällt mir immer das Aufzugvideo ein, ist auch schon alt, aber grandios!

Karl Heindel, 2017-04-25

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