IBM Think 2018

by Volker Weber

IBM is consolidating its conferences into one big event. Think 2018 will be in Las Vegas from March 19-22. It will replace Connect, InterConnect, Amplify, Edge, Vision, World of Watson and PartnerWorld.

Q: Is World of Watson 2017 being canceled?
A: No, we are moving World of Watson to March 2018 and bringing it together with other IBM events to form one flagship event called IBM Think 2018.

After b/s detection: Yes. World of Watson is dead. Long live Think.


Applies to other IBM events too?

Stephan H. Wissel, 2017-04-28

Once, they sold the Think brand to Lenovo.

Dietmar Dumke, 2017-04-28

We are watching the death throes of a once-great company. Less and less relevant each year.
Think 2018.
Think, please?! 2019

Craig Wiseman, 2017-04-29

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