Samsung Galaxy S8 :: A few additional observations

by Volker Weber


Before I return the S8 to Samsung a few additional observations, in no particular order:

I will wipe the device on Monday and return it to Samsung the day after.


No "editor refuses to give it back" award for this?

Michael Sampson, 2017-04-29

Nope. But I can have one if I ever need it.

Volker Weber, 2017-04-29

I have had it for two weeks and was expecting to like the hardware, but strongly dislike Samsung's additions to the OS (coming from a nexus 6P, and a series of Nexus phones). I am surprisingly in love with the device, and the VR headset is absolutely amazing. With a cheap Spigen bumper, it's not slippery at all. Didn't try any of the other biometrics options (face recognition = clearly snake oil at this stage, expecting similarly poor performance for the iris recognition, sticking with fingerprint at this point). The fingerprint sensor on the Nexus 6P was better - in placement and reliability of recognition, it seems that the surface area on the Galaxy S8+ is just too small to work well. But the placement has become a non-issue after a week's use.

Jan Tietze, 2017-04-30

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