European companies plan registration, e-identity and data services platform

by Volker Weber

How personal data is obtained and shared online is an extremely sensitive issue, with data privacy an absolute imperative for businesses and consumers alike. Now, an initiative that currently includes Allianz, Axel Springer, Daimler and Deutsche Bank with Postbank as well as the technology think-tank CORE and HERE, will be working closely to develop a platform that improves the security of personal data online.

The companies involved will cooperate to create a common cross-industry registration, identity and data platform that will make online registration simpler and more secure for clients.

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I am not sure everyone get's the joke :)

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2017-05-08

Schade um das viele Geld das dabei verbraten wird. Damit koennte man Besseres machen.

thorsten ebers, 2017-05-08

Das wird so ein Erfolg wie paydirekt... :-)

Hans-Peter Schmidt, 2017-05-08

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