My best headset :: Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC

by Volker Weber


I have a very simple test for headsets: I use them for dictation. The better the results are, the better the headset works. And the results for this particular headset are outstanding. I understand that many people would prefer a smaller headset like the Voyager Edge, I also understand that people would want the Apple AirPods. But if voice clarity is paramount, you have to get this one.

Since I'm currently somewhat handicapped by my shoulder, I speak most of the text I "write", both on Surface (with Dragon) and iPhone (with Siri).


And in the UK is nearly cheap as you'll get it.

Ian Bradbury, 2017-05-09

Volker, I purchased one of these last year on the strength on your recommendation. No regrets. It's been fantastic. Thanks.

Michael Sampson, 2017-05-09

Thanks for the recommendation. I would expect that this can also be used combined with a "old-school"/classic notebook that supports bluetooth?

Do you use it for video conferences as well?

I think it will not work out well if you are in a loud environment? Or does it work out?

Johannes Koch, 2017-05-09

It works very well in noisy environments. I can use this is my car and you would think I am at home. And my car is crazy loud. Four microphones on a boom.

The UC model comes with a BT600 USB dongle. Plug it into your PC and the Voyager looks like a sound device. It connects to both the PC and my iPhone at the same time.

You could pair with built-in Bluetooth, but Dragon does not support this config. And yes, any PC app will work, including video conference.

Volker Weber, 2017-05-09

Awesome. Thanks for the quick answer.

Johannes Koch, 2017-05-09

I must have missed something. What did you do to your shoulder? I hurt mine by jumping 88 cm high while trying to jump 90 cm :-)

Richard Schwartz, 2017-05-10

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