Huawei P10 :: First impressions

by Volker Weber

IMG 9844

I asked Huawei to send me a P10 and it arrived today. It took a little while because I had to wait for a matte black one to return to the pool. First impressions:

  1. This is an iPhone knock-off. Excellent build quality. Thin and light.
  2. The EMUI Android shell will take some time getting used to, but it is a high quality experience.
  3. Android 7.0 and Security patch level 2017-03-01 are outdated.
  4. The fingerprint reader is a monster. Extremely fast.

The camera may or may not be Leica, but the first quick sample shots are stunning. The first one brings out the colors larger than life. It's my food for the next 7 days, btw. The second one is wide open aperture with small DoF.

IMG 20170519 143209

IMG 20170519 160006

The biggest adjustment for an iPhone user is that the fingerprint reader is not the home button. Maybe I will find a setting that lets it be the home button. Update: found it!

This will be fun!


I just got the Mate 9 and I'm already loving it. It's an extremely well built phone. Minor qualms about the otherwise impeccable FHD display – but if you're not into VR, this is just fine. Impressed by the camera as well. Got to like Huawei's fingerprint sensor with the Nexus 6P. I prefer the sensor on the back, though, that's why I'll probably chose the Mate 9 as my next over the P10. Also, the P10 is too iPhony for my taste.

EMUI gets a lot of hatred by reviewers, which I honestly don't get. It's superior to most other OEM Android UXPs. Probably because it's a bit too controlling for hardcore android tinkerers. Also, it's mimicking IOS too much. But it's been coming closer to vanilla Android with version 5.

Volker Briegleb, 2017-05-20

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