Microsoft Surface Event in Shanghai

by Volker Weber

This wasn't streamed live, but you can now revisit Panos Panay introducing the new Surface Pro. He is such a great presenter.


Yes he is.

Richard Moy, 2017-05-25

As always a bit late to the party, particularly compared to early adopters like vowe, I just got the Surface Pro 4 as my kids stopped sharing the Surface 3. i5/8GB/256GB configuration as recommended by vowe, at a great price, very excited. Didn't think it was worth waiting for the new Pro.

Jochen Kattoll, 2017-05-26

Most important feature may be the same feature as last generation: (more) silent fan.
This was already the big point for SP4 - remember the "chassis used as heat sink, new heat pipe"?
Now the i5 variant loses the fan. That should keep it quiet, at last. But if you want more than 256GB SSD you are out of luck, larger sizes only with i7. Why not offer that with the i5, which always is the sweet spot.
i7 said to be quieter but I will believe it when I hear it this time around.
Surface is the perfect form factor for me but it really should not have a fan (like the new i5).
Panos is a stellar presenter but also tends to oversell. There definitely were SP4 teething problems (heat) and remaining shortcomings (fan noise, the dock which has severe problems with external displays).

Oh, and we will get an LTE option at last which is nice. Is there a matrix available already of which models will be offered with LTE?

Tobias Hauser, 2017-05-28

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