Huawei P10 :: An update

by Volker Weber


There is a Chinese curse that says 'may you live in interesting times', or so I have been told. I would not know since I don't speak the language. The P10 is the exact opposite. It's boring, in a good way. The matte black one which I have is completely non-descriptive. No branding on the front, a very subdued Huawei logo on the back and a LEICA branding in the corner. Safe for that logo, nobody would know what you are using. It might as well be some entry level phone.

Isn't that insanely great?

You have a screaming fast processor, plenty of storage (64 GB + microSD), a great camera, the perfect button layout (volume + on/off on the right), fast charging over USB-C, the fastest finger print reader I have seen, excellent build quality, and nobody knows. Nobody. It's thin and light, no camera bump, so-so battery performance, and did I mention it tops off in minutes not hours?

If it weren't for the Android upgrade situation I would hands down recommend it. We are currently looking at 7.0 with March security patch. If they do an update every three months, we should see one next month. I will keep you posted.

And that LEICA branding? The dual lens camera shoots great photos without much effort. One lens is color, the other higher res black/white. I don't see an improvement over the iPhone 7 plus or the Galaxy S8. But it sure shoots very beautiful monochrome photos. That's where you feel the most LEICAish. I would say it does not really matter. All photos turn out great. The difference between the top smartphone cameras is miniscule.

A 64 GB iPhone 7 does not exist. Since it's not expandable, a 128 GB model sets you back 869 € or less. A Galaxy S8 sells for 719 €, a Huawei P10 is available for as little as 500 €.

There you have it. A solid top smartphone for a reasonable price. Boring. :-)


If only it ran LineageOS... would be a serious contender for my OnePlus 3T.

Frank Köhntopp, 2017-05-28

Ich würde wetten, dass es für Custom ROMs sehr schnell sehr schwierig wird.

Volker Weber, 2017-05-28

How does it compare to a Pixel?

Joachim Bode, 2017-05-29

Significantly cheaper than Pixel and therefore much better value. Pixel matches Apple prices.

Volker Weber, 2017-05-29

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