Installing iOS 11 Public Beta

by Volker Weber


I have not installed iOS Betas in quite a while but I cannot wait to get the new iPad features. iPhone is mission critical and has to stay on released software but for the iPad Pro I am taking the risk.


Same here, updated tonight after reading this:

Not all people like the new interface:

After playing with it a few minutes today, I like it a lot, I just miss a way to add an app to multiple "spaces", e.g. one space with Safari/Mail side-by-side, another one with Mail fullscreen.

Karsten Lehmann, 2017-06-27

Installed (on the iPad 10.5), like it ... never go back :-)

So far it's not very buggy, no crashes or freezes. Only played with it for a few hours ... so problems will happen for sure at one point ;-)

Not updating my iPhone ... won't risk to mess with the Apple watch ;-)

Harald Gärttner, 2017-06-27

Working since WWDC with the Developer Beta.
I updated both iPhone and iPad Pro.
No issues with during the last 3 weeks with Watch and iPhone :-)

iOS 11 is great and for iPad Pro a huge step. It feels like working with a fresh new device after the update.

Detlev Pöttgen, 2017-06-27

Started with the first Beta on my 10.5" and I am really satisfied about stability and speed! Using it for production already. There are some small issues with Multitasking (You have to reboot to fix it) and flickering while switching between Apps, but I can live with that!

Martin Cygan, 2017-06-27

Since Beta 2 the support for third-party document provider like OneDrive and Owncloud, as also their integration into the new Files app seems to work. Much appreciated!

Peter Meuser, 2017-06-27

No issues with iOS 11 Beta on my iPad Air 1, though not happy with the performance. It's quite laggy.

Torsten Hoffmann, 2017-06-27

Being new to iOS betas: What is the normal upgrade path after release of the official iOS11? Just continue to work on the normal upgrade path or do I have to restore to an older version before installing the final iOS11?

Dirk Haunschild, 2017-06-27

@Dirk: Usually the last beta build is the same as the officieal release. If you remove the beta profile with that release, you are on the offical update cycle. If you don't remove the beta profile you usually receive the next beta (11.1) a few days later, giving you no easy way to go back to the official track.

Torsten Hoffmann, 2017-06-27

With an iPhone 7 it is only possible to downgrade to iOS 10.3.3 beta (!). A downgrade to the latest official iOS 10.3.2 is at the moment not possible.

Just if someone installed the beta and want to go back like me :-)

Karl Heindel, 2017-06-27

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