End of life for PRIV and DTEK :: Needs confirmation

by Volker Weber


From the Crackberry forums:

Today I ordered another batch of 50 DTKE50 phones from our UK mobile service provider. I was shocked, they told me that the DTEK50 phones reached end of life and the replacement model is the existing DTEK60. But that will cost ¢380, instead the ¢210 of the DTEK50. This time, they will be able to provide the ordered type and quantity from their current stock, but most probably soon they will run out of it.

This is the second time that I heard about EOL within one week. It appears existing stock of PRIV, DTEK50 and DTEK60 are being sold out. BlackBerry Mobile (TCL) only talks about the KEYone and BlackBerry does not talk about any handsets anymore.

DTEK60 never sold well, PRIV sold a lot less than initially expected and DTEK50 was relatively successful. If you look at download numbers for BlackBerry Keyboard on Google Play, you will find it was downloaded 500k+ times. That means there were less than one million BlackBerry Androids activated.

Do you have insights into the channel for BlackBerry handsets? Are the PRIV and the DTEKs still available in quantity? Do you have any statements regarding EOL? I don't expect a press release.


Oh, ffs.

Hanno Zulla, 2017-07-05

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