Closing the Sonos chapter

by Volker Weber

Everything ends. In the past, Sonos would trust me with future information and they would value my feedback. I never disclosed any of that information, not once in ten years, but you had a source of informed opinion. That does not work any more. The old band members are sidelined, the new ones don't know better. Now it's just a company. The love is gone.

But we have opened a new chapter. Read from the top: communicate :: collaborate. Since you are sharing what you know with me, I actually know a lot more than I used to. And once again, I will never disclose any of that information. This is where the love has gone.

The keyword here is trust. It takes years to build it. I earned your trust and I will do everything to not lose it.


closing one chapter is the beginning of a new chapter... never mind ;-)

Anton Seissl, 2017-07-14

Indeed. Holding on to the old one was futile.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-14

You earned my trust when you walked into the small broom closet that we used as a office at IBM partner camp like 15 years ago asking for access to the WLAN that we managed back then (:

I just gave it to you (:

Sascha Reissner, 2017-07-14

Thumbs up!

Volker Weber, 2017-07-14

Too bad that Sonos is changing that way. A few years ago I read somwhere that they are the second largest manufacturer of loudspeakers in the world. Do you know what their position is now?

I read the second paragraph as that you are still a position to give informed advice about Sonos to your readers - as always without disclosing stuff. But do you still want to?

Joachim Bode, 2017-07-14

That I don't know yet.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-14

Volker, I hope you will continue for some time.

Just to support the 'people' behind and not the 'government' which is currently in power.

Reason to continue: it's not a democracy (government was elected by the people). Employees at Sonos did not decided about their management.

And things will change again as soon as Apple product will hit the market ...

... and Sonos owners might recall that there are still some friends out there who will continue to help them to explain the new beauty of their (hopefully) new features and products....

Ahmad Masrieh, 2017-07-14

They can pretty much tell you anything. It's all going to be beautiful.

What Sonos really needs is a friend who tells them when they are wrong. And I can see them making a few mistakes. I don't know if you were here, when we fought to get Play/Pause instead of Mute. That took a lot of convincing.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-14

Volker, what are your thoughts on using Chromecast Audio dongles considering they now have multi-room and are getting stereo pairing in the next few months? Have you used them in any setup?

I feel like nearly every streaming service supports them and they create that abstraction so one doesn't have to dump $$$ whenever a vertical solution like Sonos starts to underdeliver ruining the experience. High quality speakers are not meant to be changed for at least 3 decades IMO.

Ananya Gupta, 2017-07-14

I find these things too complicated. You need speakers and an amp. You have no room correction, you have too many wires, etc. Your mileage may vary.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-14

Play/Pause instead of mute is the most used button on the speakers for me leaving or coming back home - sad to hear that they seem not to be interested in such kind of hints for small but important corrections any more...

Hauke Fink, 2017-07-14

Trust comes by foot and goes by horse...

Boudewijn Kiljan, 2017-07-16

Sad story.

Bodo Menke, 2017-07-16

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