Wishlist for #Sonos :: The results

by Volker Weber


Thank you for your votes on this poll. A few comments:

The strong vote for AirPlay is even more significant if you take into account that only Apple users will benefit from this. Android users couldn't care less. I deduct that almost all Apple users want AirPlay support. We know that Sonos is working on Alexa integration as announced last year in New York, but we don't know about the other options.

I also got a lot of other suggestions as replies to this poll. Here is a short list: battery-powered PLAY:1, Apple Watch and Siri integration, a kids' mode for the app, a touch-friendly Windows 10 app, support for IPv6, Audible, Bluetooth, SMBv2/v3, 24/96, and TV remotes, list albums by year, HDMI switch in/out on Playbar/Playbase.

I think the strong vote for AirPlay and Alexa means that people are OK with their current remotes but want additional alternative options. I am using Sonos mostly via Spotify Connect these days. And the biggest item I have isn't even on the list. I want to be able to direct any sound, from a Windows PC, a Mac, an Android or an iPhone to a Sonos speaker. And I want the choices to be presented to be smart. There are many ways to detect a speaker near me.


up-to-date network/technology stack would have been a good option too

Manfred Wiktorin, 2017-07-24

131 votes for Airplay.
Will be interesting to see if Sonos is listening.

Manfred Wiktorin, 2017-07-25

Sonos is listening to its customers. You need to make yourself heard. One blog post does not move the ship but suggestions will. Of course you will only get a canned response, but they make an impact if there are enough of them.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-25

To describe the kids' mode: Mine love to search and listen to audio books from our streaming service. There are lots of kids' audio books out there, but discovery sucks. Making that easier would be wonderful.

Hanno Zulla, 2017-07-25

The answer to that is outside of the app. Let them discover how they prefer to discover and then cast to Sonos.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-25

I would also like to play sound from my pc directly to sonos. Voice control is the biggest thing I want at the moment as I mostly use my sonos system when I`m working around my home and hate having to stop what I`m doing to change tracks etc...

Stephen Kelly, 2017-07-25

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