moto TurboPower Pack vs Incipio offGRID Power Pack

by Volker Weber

IMG 20170728 161027

I love these moto mods. Last year Incipio built the offGRID Power Pack that gave you an additional 2200mAh/8.2Wh for your Moto Z series phones. You can still use it with the 2017 Z2 series. But there is big bad brother now, the 3490mAh/13.5Wh moto TurboPower Pack. It's not only bigger, but also faster. It provides the phone with the same 5V/3A/15W where the Incipio only delivered 5V/1.3A/6.5W. That is lot of numbers, but let's just say it is two times faster with the Z2 series.

And there are two additional benefits: four LEDs show you how full the battery pack is and you can charge it while it's off the phone. Like the Incipio power pack it will also charge through the phone, only after the phone is fully charged. And it takes up to 6A from a 5V charger, in case you have one. The only small penalty is that the new power pack weighs 96 instead of 85 grams.

IMG 20170728 161156


Halten die eigentlich nur durch Magneten?

Nils Michael Becker, 2017-07-28

Ja, sie haften durch sehr kräftige Magnete. Der Kamera-Hubbel und ein kleiner Pin in der Mitte der Kontakte verhindern dass sich die Teile verschieben. Das fühlt sich sehr solide an.

Volker Weber, 2017-07-29

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