A few additional thoughts on the moto TurboPower Pack

by Volker Weber

IMG 20170729 132723156
[Photo taken with Hasselblad mod at very close range]

Nils asked about the connection between moto mods and the moto Z series phones. Yes, it's magnets, and they are actually quite strong. There is a groove at the bottom of each mod where you can insert your fingernail to pry the mod and the phone apart. Magnets alone would not be strong enough to prevent the mod from sliding off. There is a fixed pin between the spring loaded pogo pins that inserts into a hole on the phone which prevents this from happening. The second lock is the camera hump that fits into the large hole on the mod. Once the mod has attached itself to the phone, it feels like a unit.

A bit of math. I am used to carrying a 5.5" iPhone 7 Plus in a silicone case. That is 188g for the phone and 29g for the case which makes it 217g. The 5.5" Moto Z2 play weighs in at 144 g, the moto TurboPower Pack weighs 96g, taking the combination to 240g. And it has more than double the battery capacity of the iPhone. Two interesting use cases:

  1. If you keep the mod on, it will keep the phone at 80% battery charge for more than a day, most likely the end of the next day. At which point you can quickly recharge it while the phone continues to run on the internal battery.
  2. If you keep the mod off you can put it back on when the phone is at 20% and quickly top the phone off to 80% or even 100%.

While you recharge the mod, you never have to let go of your phone. Unlike the phone that can be attacked via a USB port, you never need to worry about the mod. When you are in a safe space, you can also just attach the 15 W charger to the phone/mod combination and recharge both in one session. It will first fill the phone to 100% and then the mod.


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