Arlo Baby

by Volker Weber

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I am huge fan of the Arlo security camera system. There is an Arlo Pro at my door and a few Arlos around the house. Whether it's night or whether I am away, they tell me if somebody is approaching the house and what they are up to. The Arlo Baby is a completely different value proposition, and I have no use case for it. So I am just going to tell you that it exists, that it will be shown at this year's IFA in Berlin and should be available soon.

Arlo Baby is a supernanny. It can check temperature, humidity and VOCs levels where the baby sleeps. It can trigger sound and motion alerts, it can distinguish a crying baby from other sounds, it has advanced night vision and can transmit HD video. It serves as a multicolor night light, it can play lullabies and it has two way audio communication. It all integrates into the same Arlo app.

I don't have a baby to check on and the dog is pretty much grown up, so I am not going to ask for a test sample. Make of it what you want. What I can say is that all Arlo products I did try in the past were simply awesome.

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I would have a use case, but 250$ / 299€ is a pretty steep price point. Competition is at half the price, possibly even two digits, maybe missing the VOC sensors (but really, that's a luxury, the camera already is). And for replacing an existing device which fulfills its job flawlessly... no way.

Ragnar Schierholz , 2017-08-03

"... and the dog is pretty much grown up.". That made me laugh out loud.

Andy Porter, 2017-08-04

I'm will be in a position to test in about 6 weeks if they need a reviewer.

Paul Mooney, 2017-08-08

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