Sonos FCC Filings

by Volker Weber


A couple of people nudged me today about the FCC filing for the S13 Sonos product, which is going to be a speech enabled device with farfield microphones. The S13 designation made me think and I remembered the ZonePlayer S5, which became the PLAY:5. What if Sonos names all their players with an S# designation and S13 is the 13th such player? If you start with the ZonePlayer ZP100 as S1 and move all the way to the S11 PLAYBASE, that assumption makes sense. As you can see, the FCC filings also follow a certain pattern and they are usually filed a month or two before the product hits the market.

This table isn't complete yet. I have not found all the filings and the S naming scheme isn't confirmed yet. Sonos has sometimes filed new products under the project name, like Fenway for the PLAY:3. But you can see that the branding fell apart after the S5. The S5 had five speakers, and the PLAY:3 had three, at which time the S5 was renamed PLAY:5. But PLAY:1 has two speakers, so there. ZoneBridge, Boost, the CR100 and CR200, as well as the Sonos Dock don't fit into the S# scheme. The RM001, RM002 and RM003 filings are for MIMO wireless cards.

When you get to RM012 and RM013, things get interesting. RM012 is for the S13, that was found today. But there is also a filing RM013 for a S15 that is already four months old. That has not come out yet either. And what are the S12 and S14?


There is a hint in the S13 filing. This looks pretty much like the PLAY:5 touch control but it adds a circle and a microphone sign. There is a circle, a dot and a line. This would not fit on a PLAY:5, because the touch controls are towards the front of the device, so it's not a PLAY:5 v3. But we do have a large number of open numbers: S12, S13, S14, and S15. It sure looks like Sonos has a few things cooking on the speaker front.

This table needs to be completed. If you find any other confirmations for the S# scheme on the FCC site, please comment. Those in bold letters look solid. Interesting tidbit: the PLAY:5 2nd gen wasn't called the S10 but the S100.

Update: A little birdie tells me that PLAYBAR was S9 and PLAY:1 was S1. That would kill my theory. :-)


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Manfred Wiktorin, 2017-08-29

So, as we've found out since your post, the S13 is the Sonos One; internal pictures will be released on 2/24/18. And the pictures of the S15 have been released, revealing an updated Connect. Likely a WiFi card change from the old modular Mini-PCI card to a new Mini-PCIe card.

Speaking of modular cards, I started a post in the Sonos Community with FCC IDs after doing some digging, both on and the FCC's own site directly. It looks as though some of the early model players didn't actually have unique FCC IDs... if you look at my post, some of the FCC IDs only indicated Mini PCI wireless cards, and they were registered with the FCC as modular RF components, so they could be used in multiple different devices. Indeed, my Play:5 doesn't mention its own FCC ID, but does mention that it "Contains FCC ID SBV-RM002", which happens to be one of those wireless cards.

Also, there does not appear to be an SBV-RM003 FCC ID from what I can find (I didn't even find it on the FCC site), and my Play:5 makes no mention of this FCC ID, so you might want to fix those RM001, 002, and 003 entries on your sheet.

My post in the Sonos community:

Mike Virgilio, 2018-02-04

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