Everybody is going multi-room

by Volker Weber

Marshall MR Family Black Cream 2321 highres

Amazon Echo has enabled multi-room service, so has Google for their chromecast dongles. Zound Industries, the Swedish company that sells Marshall Headphones and Urbanears branded headphones and speakers, is riding the same wave. I have no idea if those speakers are any good, but they are not cheaper than what Sonos has to offer. I doubt that a 600 € Woburn speaker can hold a candle to a PLAY:5, which even costs less. The technology is proven because Zound has already released two multi-room speakers under the Urbanears brand half a year ago. But remember, these are not Marshall guitar rigs. They are just branded Marshall and their claim to fame is that they are really loud.

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Can you turn them to 11?

Drew Ingersoll, 2017-09-01

Nope. They only go to 10.

Volker Weber, 2017-09-01

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