What happens when vowe.net goes offline

by Volker Weber

When vowe.net goes offline, a number of things happen:

  1. Stefan and I get robo messages every 30 minutes, telling us the site is down.
  2. I send Stefan a text, just in case.
  3. Many of you send me many emails, texts, whatsapp, etc. asking me if I know that ...
  4. When Stefan is not sleeping or not at work, he fixes the problem. It's his server. I am only a guest.
  5. When the server is back up, we get another message telling us the site is online.

Often these problems can be resolved with a reboot. If the site goes offline at night, there is nobody to wake it up until the next morning. If the problem cannot be resolved with a reboot, it may take longer to fix. As it did today.


There are two Seagate Barracudas in the server, and they are both dying. First thing you do is to no longer write to the disks and make another backup. Stefan has done this. Now we are waiting for the disks to be replaced. That means the site can go offline again. If that happens, don't worry.

Don't mail, text or whatsapp. Yes, we know. :-)


Welcome back!

I missed you.

Ian Bradbury, 2017-09-15 21:17

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