Apple Watch :: Do you need to upgrade?

by Volker Weber


There are three generations of Apple Watches:

The photo above shows an Apple Watch, an Apple Watch Series 2 and an Apple Watch Series 3. I do not have an Apple Watch Series 1. Forget about the material, because that isn't important. It's just a matter of personal preferences and how much money you want to spend.

What you see is that the Apple Watch does not get thinner. It gets thicker. But trust me, it feels the same. The body itself does not get bigger. It's the sensor thing sticking out the back that is getting thicker. It is growing ever so slowly that you do not notice. Since the steel Watch on the left is heavier than the aluminium Watch in the middle it actually feels more substantial than the thicker Series 2.

What is important is that the Watch is getting faster and more capable. Series 2 adds GPS and a better display, Series three adds LTE with the exception of entry level aluminium models. The more expensive ones all have LTE. The thing you cannot see is how much faster it got. And I don't want to give you any numbers. It's very simple: if you only want notifications and simple activity tracking, Apple Watch and Series 1 are good. If you want to track your runs with your route, you want (or keep) Series 2. But if you want to use any additional apps, Series 3 is a great upgrade. This thing loads apps so much faster.

I can say with great confidence that you should buy a Series 3 and don't save some money by going with Series 1. You don't have to invest in fancy bands. Put everything into the Watch and go with the simple Sport band. I love the Nike band, but the new Nike Series 3 isn't out yet.

And then there is LTE connectivity. I made a couple of adjustments to my Telekom plan and will add the Watch Series 3 soon. This needs further research.


To answer the question: No, to me there is no need to upgrade. I still have the Series "0" and it's still good. There's only one problem: the battery. Since 4.0 I have problems getting through the day, but maybe 4.x will help to fix that.

I don't see any use case for a LTE Watch. I will almost never leave the building without an iPhone. I'm tracking my route when riding bike, but the iphone ist also with me. And I only use the stock apps, I didn't find a useful app so far.

Karl Heindel, 2017-09-29

there's one more thing: I already use my two multisim.

Karl Heindel, 2017-09-29

I’ve had my Watch for a week now and paid the $10/month for LTE service from AT&T. Initially, it’s pretty great to be able to go out and still have access to everything even without my phone.

But...around my neighborhood is lousy cell service, so it doesn’t really work well. I’ve also had issues responding to texts from Androids. And I am missing my camera and other important things I use my phone for.

Other places where I sometimes go without my phone it’s nice to have the Watch but I’m often on the now ubiquitous WiFi anyway.

If I keep the Watch I’ll probably end up keeping the cell service on it but I’m not sure how truly useful it is in the real world. At least for me and where I go and what I do. Everyone has different scenarios of course.

Bill Greenberg, 2017-09-29

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