Passport was my best smartphone. And a complete failure.

by Volker Weber


If I had to choose the best smartphone ever, it would be the BlackBerry Passport. This thing was rock solid, had great battery life and cell reception. It was both a phantastic messaging device as well as a perfect phone. Its screen was square and you could read everything with ease. When scrolling you did not even have to touch the screen because the hardware keyboard doubled as a trackpad. Its software let you easily view business and personal content without ever mixing them up.

Unfortunately BlackBerry 10 never took off and the Passport did not sell well.


My thoughts exactly. Passport was my favourite productivity tool, ever.
Now between two iPhones and waiting for the November 3rd X day, I am sporting a Classic. BlackBerry 10 is showing its age and I feel lost without my apps.

horia stanescu, 2017-10-29

I agree. And it was a deja vu after having gone through the same experience with my Palm (then: HP) Pre3 which I had then rated as the best smartphone ever, too.

In the time we're living in the hardware is no longer the decisive factor. Unlike before, a perfectly fine phone that is still fast enough and that you've grown fond of can become more and more useless due to lack of software support (lack of most-used apps, browser without updates increasingly unable to display contents).

The same we see with Android devices, by the way. Manufacturer drop support, and you sit on an outdated Android version with a shrinking pool of up-to-date apps.

If only iPhones had keyboards :)

Martin Dietze, 2017-10-30

Well, I am faster on the iPhone keyboard than I ever was on BlackBerry.

Volker Weber, 2017-10-30

I have always been comfortable on my old iPhone 4 (until they ruined it by rolling out the upgrade to an IOS version my device is too slow for).

But I like blind typing. It's not all about speed :)

Martin Dietze, 2017-10-30

I can fully agree. Still missing the key feature like the two partitions. But without a full app ecosystem it is unsexy and sometimes worthless.

Torben Volkmann, 2017-10-30

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