Playbase :: Finally

by Volker Weber


I used to give away Sonos players to friends if I wanted to start new households. But this time I traded a couple of them for a new one. The old Samsung TV now speaks through a Playbase instead of a Playbar. The main difference is that it now sits on top of the speaker instead of peeking over it. Since I don’t wallmount anything this has always been a hack as the Playbar is higher than the TV stand.

Does it sound any different? Not in my configuration with Sub and dual Play:3 as surround speakers. Alone it provides more bass than a Playbar. After TruePlay Tuning the differences disappear.

The Playbar has replaced a pair of Play:1 in a different room and that was a huge upgrade. Apple talks about beamforming in the context of their HomePod product. Playbar has always provided that capability since early 2013, a full five years before HomePod starts shipping.

Tomorrow I will be setting up Sonos in a new home, for the second week in a row. And there will be more until the end of the year.


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