I damaged my Surface Pro

by Volker Weber


I don't know when this happened but I must have bumped Surface Pro into something. And it was hit right at the corner. I was very lucky the glass did not break. You can see it was already lifted out of the body. This needs to be fixed. If I continue to use it, the display will break. Time to put Surface on hiatus.

For now I am back on Macbook Pro and iPad Pro. I was losing the Apple muscle memory, so that change is actually a good thing. Cmd-C instead of Crtl-C and on the German keyboard Alt-L instead of AltGr-Q for the @-sign. That is a killer, since Cmd-Q quits a program.

IA Writer Pixelmator

Hello iA Writer and Pixelmator, my old friends.


Ich empfehle das Kensington Case https://www.amazon.de/gp/aw/d/B01AJPX1UG/
Hat mein Surface schon einmal gerettet und trägt nicht so schlimm auf wie man es befürchten könnte.

Jörg Altmeppen, 2017-12-04

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