Ten days on standby

by Volker Weber


Recharged the BlackBerry Motion ten days ago and then let it sit on the shelf, with all radios on. Now it's still good for another five days. Large battery, midrange CPU, almost no screen time. Lots of opportunity to power down and stretch out that battery. I am pretty sure I can make it to three weeks if I engage Battery Saver. But that's not very useful, is it?


Most literally, not using it is not very use-ful :-)

Ragnar Schierholz , 2017-12-05

Maybe it's just me, but lettiing it sit on a shelf does not seem very useful either.

Joerg Michael, 2017-12-06

Are there any Apps installed that produce background traffic? WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, ...? If not that thing really does nothing.

BTW, a colleague once forgot his Moto G2 (i think it was 2nd gen) at the office desk on a friday, and when he returned wednesday it still was at 50%. That phone also was unused and only hat WhatsApp installed.

Torsten Pinkert, 2017-12-06

Email, Twitter, Slack, but no software from Facebook. That is exactly the point: if you have a big battery and save on display brightness and screen time, these phones last forever. If they don't, it's the software, not the hardware.

Motorola also has very efficient Android implementations. The Z series is well known for lasting a long time between charges.

Volker Weber, 2017-12-06

Battery life has always been a great strength of BlackBerry. I was therefore concerned when I moved over to iPhone. The X's processor however seems to be amazingly efficient. With all radios on and average use (emails, phone calls, messaging, 1 hour of podcast/music/internet radio, photos, Facebook, etc.) I have never been below 70% after 17 hours (7am to midnight) without charging one minute. With heavy use around 50%. Very impressive and much more than I usually need.

Jochen Kattoll, 2017-12-07

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