Lenovo updates Yoga Tab 3 Pro firmware, a year too late

by Volker Weber


The Yoga Tab 3 Pro was my big 2016 disappointment. I first saw the machine at the IFA 2015 launch event and it took a while to hit the market. It shipped with Android 5 when Android 6 was already out, it was crashtastic and did not receive timely software updates. I had already given up on the machine, checking for updates every couple of months, but nothing showed up. It was stuck on the March 2016 patch level of Android 5.1.

Yesterday I was researching Yoga laptops – mine is very old – and I found out that Lenovo was still selling the machine. So for old times sake, I fired it up once more, and there was a 2 GB update waiting. Holy cow! The update took the machine to Android 6.0.1, a year too late, but now with a March 2017 patch level. Hot on the heels was another 10 MB update to April 2017.

Here we are now. A much improved machine with a two year old Android version and an eight months old security patch. I did not expect that. Android progress has slowed down so version 6 is quite usable. The DLP projector makes it a unique offering. It comes back out of retirement to watch movies on the bedroom ceiling.


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