Ignore these challenges

by Volker Weber

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Somebody asked me the other day if I was experiencing the same difficulties with Apple Watch challenges. Yes, hell yes. They are completely FUBAR. Look that the challenge I got this month. It says I doubled my Move goal zero times in December and that I doubled my Move goal last on December 05. Does not compute, right? It never does. I have yet to see a single challenge that works out OK.

I need a "delete this challenge" button to make this go away. It's a disgrace.


I was going to ask you about this, but you beat me to the punch. Totally weird down here too. My challenge for last month was to do 347km vs 316km the month before. But on day 1 I had already moved 316km for the month, and the numbers never updated throughout the month. And this month is to increase from 42 minutes exercise per day to 46 minutes per day. By day 4 I had done this average (58/31/46/49), and was told I had done 350 minutes average. On day 7 or 8, however, I was told I hadn't even done 4 minutes a day. Totally weird.

Michael Sampson, 2017-12-10

yep - stimmt. allerdings gibt's bei mir eine Ausnahme: offenbar funktioniert die Challenge wenn es sich um 'Trainings' handelt die zumindest 15min dauern müssen - diese scheinen relativ zuverlässig gezählt zu werden (zumindest bei mir und meinem Kollegen hier)... der Rest ist.... :-(
da nicht erreichte Monatsziele jedoch ohnehin aus der Ansicht verschwinden erübrigt sich der Button ;-)

Anton Seissl, 2017-12-11

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