Why the Jaybird X3 is a good workout headset

by Volker Weber


Good thing I am using the AirPods for my workout, right? RIGHT?

Thomas Holzapfel, 2017-12-11

I‘m still on the X2 and love them. But it is christmas season and I‘m looking for the first reports on the new „RUN“

Torben Volkmann, 2017-12-11

Thomas, they need to be bone-dry before you put them in the case. And no, they are not waterproof.

Torben, make sure they have been tested outside. Bluetooth does not work from ear to ear without walls bouncing off the waves. That is why AirPods have separate connections to iPhone.

Volker Weber, 2017-12-11

Volker, I bought the X3 some months ago after your first article on them here. These being my first workout headphones I have to say that, after some fiddling around to make them fit, I absolutely like them & use them on a daily basis. Really good stuff, thanks for your recommendation!

Kai Scharwacht, 2017-12-12

Good to hear they are working for you. ECHs need a bit of adjustment until you find the perfect fit. I was quite surprised that the Jaybird Freedom did not fit my ears, even with the same gels.

The only complaint I have is that the gels come off too easily.

Volker Weber, 2017-12-12

Same as Kai has written. Love them for running!

Ralph Hammann, 2017-12-12

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