Windows 10 Update Troubleshooter

by Volker Weber

Windows 10 Update now has a troubleshooter. Here is how it works:

STEP 1: You run into a problem:


STEP 2: You run the troubleshooter:


STEP 3: The troubleshooter fixes all problems:


STEP 4: You run the update again and run into the same problem:



No, that is not my current Surface Pro. It's an older Windows computer I keep for WaaH (Windows as a Hobby).


Yep, had the same issue some days ago and also gave the troubleshooter a chance with the same result. Had some other things to do and when I checked again the next day, the updates were successfully installed. Update history shows two failed attempts and over night a successful installation.

Seen that on one machine for a defender related update and on another one with a cumulative update for Windows. Seems more a backend related issue to me.

Sven Semel, 2017-12-21

I did experience the very same problem two days ago. No solution to be found (I don‘t have the persistence investigating Windows problems you do, Volker). Pseudo solution: Reinstalling Windows which was only possible because I hadn‘t installed/used any software on that machine.
My second try is currently underway... Quite a contract to my Mac experience but I haven‘t given up, yet.

Markus Dierker, 2017-12-21

Windows Update is broken since update 1703. We‘ve got several PCs with similar issues provisioned by a WSUS.

Oliver Regelmann, 2017-12-21

I felt in love with the new design of W10 and rest assured by many positive postings about it's improved security. However, I never got acustomed to waah and the nagging feelings coming by an unstable system. Lucky my usage profile does not require any Win only software. So after six months I went back to Linux. I tried, I realy honestly tried.

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2017-12-21

I ran into this problem a week ago on a brand new (some days) Win10 installation.
3 Updates wouldn't install, each with a different Error.
After trying the Troubleshooter, no luck, and after that several hours of working through knowledge base articles, I loaded the latest Insider-Build and told windows to install again and keep my Apps und Options. Just 15 Minutes later everything worked und nothings changed besides that.
Should this happen again, I spare the time und just do a reinstall.

Hannes Niebuhr, 2017-12-22

It is more fun with 150 machines:-) It is still a work in progress...

Dennis Ellison, 2017-12-22

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