Apple Watch Activity Achievements are FUBAR

by Volker Weber


It's December 2017. And I have already been rewarded for reaching a challenge in January 2018. I was going to ask who is up for the challenge since it started the #dontbreakthechain for 2017, but that opportunity has been ruined.

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I have also completed all three rings for 180 weeks, but I have completed the Exercise ring for only 134 weeks. Which does not compute since the Watch hasn't been on the market for 180 weeks.

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Who is running software at Apple? Hairforce One? Step up the QA!


Die Medaille für die Neujahrs-Herausforderung 2018 habe ich auch schon erhalten. Irgendetwas läuft da schief…

Ulrich Berding, 2017-12-28

Scheint konsistent zu sein. Bei mir auch.

Stephan H. Wissel, 2017-12-29

Auf eurer 2018er Medaille ist — wie bei mir — vermutlich hinten auch keine Gravur drauf.
Nur echt mit Gravur :-)

Stefan Domanske, 2017-12-29

Hihi. Gut beobachtet!

Volker Weber, 2017-12-29

Martin Kautz, 2017-12-29

@Martin well thanks I had no idea there were four islamic calendars. Now i do.

Andy Mell, 2017-12-29

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