Apple apologizes. And replaces your battery for $29 if needed.

by Volker Weber

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I've always thought that a phone should have a user replaceable battery and that's why I've been hanging on to my Samsung Galaxy S5. Samsung's past battery issues and Apple's current battery issues are making me feel a bit vindicated.

Timothy Briley, 2017-12-28

That sounds like a good solution. Reminds me of Mercedes' reaction on the Elk test of the A-Class in the late nineties - they upgraded all sold and new A-Class cars with ESP without any cost. The brand image of Mercedes Benz remained almost untouched.

Axel Koerv, 2017-12-28

No details on the German Apple site, yet. But the addition "worldwide" leads me to believe this offer will be made here as well.

29$/€ is not bad and I would believe quite near the cost of an exchangeable battery (OEM, a Chinese substitute may be cheaper).

Tobias Hauser, 2017-12-29

Why is the new price for Battery "starting late January" and not now?
Why is this offer limited until December 2018?
Why not for iPhone 5s (still supported by ios11)?

I´m still a little bit disappointed!

Hans Giesers, 2017-12-29

You can't please everyone.

Maybe it helps if you click through and read the open letter.

Volker Weber, 2017-12-29

I did read that letter and i understand the technical reasons.
I really think, it is a clever way to get a usable "user experience" while the hardware is ageing.

It was just not communicated and user controllable or just an information in the battery info. Just "enhanced power management". People think, it´s getting better, not slowing down.
I know at least one iphone6 user who bought a new phone, because he thought, the old device hat limits to execute ios 10 or 11 as the slowdown was directly connected to the time of the os update.

What disappoints me, is the PR desaster.
Now, when everybody knows, that apple "enhanced" by slowing down the device, apple appologizes. But the price cut will take place a month later.

Modifications on ios need time. But setting a new price tag in a database?

PR should do a better communication now. And adjust the prices for batteries now.

But we will see, what happens in the next days / weeks.
Perhaps there are some more adjustmens.

Also i know that apple is a money driven company, not the holy grail.
So i´m aware of apples goal is to max $$$, not to be everybodies darling.

Ok, so kalm down and let´s wait. Now we know. The Hardware does it´s best within it´s ageing limits.

I like iphones and ipads. I don´t like the lock-in and apples monopoly-like behaviour. Like not selling spare parts for older / discontinued devices. Those parts where in stock until the last supported day. Then destroyed / recycled. Why not sell them to interested people as long as they are available? Just like parts for cars.

If google would make a better job on security, i could change.

Hans Giesers, 2017-12-29

You have strong opinions. But you really need to read and understand.

It's not a price change for battery replacements. Those are still $79. It is a $29 offer for a very specific set of devices and conditions. And it does take time to build the process.

Nothing is impossible to the person who does not have to do it himself.

Volker Weber, 2017-12-29
Price for new battery is down NOW!

Friedrich Holstein, 2017-12-31

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