BlackBerry Locker should be called BlackBerry Hider

by Volker Weber

Screenshot 20180105-170612 Screenshot 20180105-170530

With the Motion BlackBerry Mobile introduced a new feature called Locker. It lets you put a second barrier in front of sensitive files (read: your pr0n). If you hand over the unlocked device to another person they won't see any files stored in the Locker. Only after you unlock again with your password or fingerprint these files become visible. Previously one would have thought that BlackBerry would implement some sort of encrypted storage to keep those files away. As it turns out, it's only a directory which the built-in app don't show. File Commander from the Google Play Store however just shows that directory and all its content. Your files are not locked away but simply hidden. Not something I would expect under the BlackBerry brand.

It's not their only problem. You cannot really get to the product page, even if you ignore all warnings.



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