BlackBerry Mobile responds to security update lapse

by Volker Weber

Bronze Keyone 03
Limited Edition Bronze KEYone (Photo BlackBerry Mobile)

Official statement from BlackBerry Mobile/TCL:

Why is Europe experiencing a three months delay in security updates?

We are 100% committed to our security updates, and while we are aware there’s been a delay in security updates for certain consumers in Europe recently, we are working with our partners to fix these issues quickly and ensure the January update is rolled out soon.

As always I would like to hear what actually makes them fail so hard.

Update 2018-01-12: After three months KEYone got its update. Now on 7.1.1 05-Jan-2018.


Soeben hat mein Keyone (Vodafone) ein Update erhalten. Ist jetzt auf Stand 05. Januar 2018. Es tut sich was...

Ralph Hammann, 2018-01-12

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