Bob is the new Inhi

by Volker Weber

Change of management at IBM for the collaboration business. Inhi Cho Suh moves on as GM Watson Customer Engagement. Bob Schultz is the new GM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions, which you can read as Kenexa + Lotus. Bob comes from the ´Kenexa side of the business and was hired by IBM when John Hernandez left. Bob is not a career IBMer but was previously working at Citrix VMware and HPQ. I am hearing only good things about him.


And Bob is coming to Europe May, 22-23, doing the keynote at Engage in Rotterdam!
They tell me he’s quite approachable.
Let’s find out.

Theo Heselmans, 2018-01-11

Still think it's a bit strange that IBM keeps rotating their manager as fast as they did in the past.

At times were everything runs smoothly this might be a good way to force people to open up for new ideas. But in times were changes are needed and have to be implemented two years is way too short to bring the ship on the right track.

Harald Gärttner, 2018-01-12

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