Sonos + YouTube = SonosTube

by Volker Weber


You can't send the sound of YouTube videos to your Sonos speaker, unless you are using a special app like SonosTube. Thanks, Tommy Oustad.

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SonosTube for iOS >
SonTubes for Sonos on macOS >


I'm using Chromecast to TV with Playbar. Works great as well.

Benjamin Bock, 2018-01-14

If you happen to be in the same room as the TV, yes. Then I would use my Apple TV. But I am not.

Volker Weber, 2018-01-14

Your post sums up Sonos problem nicely.

Johannes Matzke , 2018-01-15

from a server point, this is also possible with AirSonos that you mentioned a few days back when you swallow the lag. Even I got this to work on a RasPi, so one wonders why Sonos is not able to integrate this into their software stack.

Armin Auth, 2018-01-15

Concerning AirSonos: I have it running on an Synology NAS 1517+. Lag is ok, maybe 5 seconds. But: did anyone notice that it messes up the mesh network? Sometimes, after I use it, speakers seem to be lost for no particular reason. It’s not reproducible. Not really anyway.

Any ideas how I can pinpoint the problem? ( I am aware of the fact, that there doesn’t need to be a connection between AirSonos and my problem. But for now that seems to be the case)

Johannes Matzke , 2018-01-15

AFAIK it can't play in the backgroud, right? Or with screen off?

Robert Krauss, 2018-01-15

Lag of 5 seconds is totally unacceptable for me when I am interested in both audio AND video. Not even OK for sounds of desktop notifications if notification is hidden before I hear the sound. Because of that I didn't find anything useful about AirSonos when I tried it a while ago.

Benjamin Bock, 2018-01-16

Transmitting audio is time-sensitive. Buffers make sure there is always something to process and that the transmission does not introduce jitter. AirSonos errs on the safe side and is indeed unfit when a low latency is desired. 5 seconds is way too high for anything but listening to music on a single speaker.

Sonos never found Airplay to be good enough. Airplay 2 is better, but still not on the same level of audio synchronisation that Sonos provides. It's one of the core inventions of Sonos that enables multiroom audio.

Volker Weber, 2018-01-16

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