Apple HomePod limps out the door

by Volker Weber


Apple will start selling the HomePod in select markets in early February: US, UK, Australia. That is obviously a language thing. You can talk to HomePod, and this is their first entry into farfield voice recognition. When it ships, the software isn't ready. It still runs on AirPlay, not AirPlay 2. It won't do multiroom or stereo pairs. A software update will bring these features later.

Although it is a very limited product — Apple only talks about Apple Music — I am still very excited about HomePod. Apple "gets" some important features like room calibration and beam forming. Btw, did you know that Sonos Playbar is using beam forming for five years now? I think, Apple is the only other player besides Sonos who gets these things. And they are not just copying like Google does with their speakers. I am looking forward to the HomePod, when it finally ships to Germany "in the spring".


I'm predisposed to like the HomePod - I'm limping along with AirPlay Expresses, the only Sonos that is good-looking and won't be dated in a few years is the 1, and nothing else at a non-exorbitant price is for serious music - but *limps out the door* is indeed the best description.

Many feel the same way:

David Richardson, 2018-01-25

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