Alexa, sleep well

by Volker Weber


After exactly one year I have now retired my Echo Dot. Too many false positives, not useful enough. I am still talking to Siri on my Apple Watch and iPhone, but Alexa moved out.


So with Dot going into retirement is this making room for a Apple HomePod?

Leo Wiggins III, 2018-01-31

Same thing here, too often the Dot doesn't understand me, would love to retire it, but... unfortunately Siri cannot currently speak to Sonos, that is my primary usage for the Dot -> Alexa, play Radio on Speakers (need to use exactly that wording as Alexa often confuses FM4 (local Austrian station) with BBC4 and was confused when the Hue lights and the Sonos:Amp was called Lounge). Even with that exact wording it often plays FM4 on its internal speaker, not what I really want. As soon as I can I'm replacing it!

HomePod will not work for me as I need to connect my B&W speakers to something, cannot be a HomePod unfortunately 😊

Ursus Schneider, 2018-01-31

I‘m only using the dot sometimes as a bridge between amazon music unlimited and my stereo with the alexa-app as remote. Talking to the dot doesn‘t work for me too.

I use that setup because my phone doesn‘t have to be in „reach“ all the time.

But overall it is a setup i could live without. So no real use cases in my case. (And no interest in home automation so also no use cases coming up).

Thorsten Köbe, 2018-01-31

That is what I use the Logi Pop switches for.

Volker Weber, 2018-01-31

Simple soliton to all your problems: replace the dot with a full size Alexa. I am using both devices in multiple rooms and I can say: the microphone array in the dot is far more worse then in the big Alexa. Often the dot doesn’t understand me when I am 1m away from it, but the big Alexa 2 rooms away recognizes my command. And it gets even worse when the dot is playing music over the internal speaker. Then it almost never understands me.
And btw: Siri almost never does what I want, or it searches in the internet for my request. Something I can do very well on my own.

Max Müller, 2018-02-01

I have a solution. An no, the 2nd gen Dot is not inferior to a Echo.

Siri has no difficulty understand what I ask her to do. It does not search the internet for things like switching Home scenes.

Volker Weber, 2018-02-01

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