Surface Pro is 5 years old

by Volker Weber

I am typing this on my fourth Surface device. Surface, Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro. The original Surface is still being used as a beautiful photo frame in my kitchen, and the latest Surface Pro is the machine I am typing this on. Who would have thought?

I am a serious Mac user with both iMacs and MacBook Pros, and still, Surface Pro has won me over. It's the right size for me, it has touch and pen input, which I am sorely missing every time I use the Macs. And it is a beautiful and elegant machine, which is easy to carry.


At home and when traveling the Pro 4 has become the only computer device I use apart from a phone. The right size, great keyboard, touch input, elegant, light, portable. Perfect.

Jochen Kattoll, 2018-02-12

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