iPhone X with or without a case

by Volker Weber


Ever since I picked up my iPhone X I have kept it safe in a white Apple Silicone Case. Which hides much of the beauty. I cannot make up my mind. Should I dare using it without?


I don't dare to risk it without case. I have dropped mine a few times already - although I'm very careful...

Tom Weeghmans, 2018-03-15

Will you have to return it eventually?

Thomas Cloer, 2018-03-15

Phones made out of glass easily slip out of pockets and from train tables. So i would not use it without a case.

Christian Just, 2018-03-15

Without case would indeed be much nicer. Here's what always happens to me: If the phone is in a case I never drop it. As soon as I try it without a case I will drop it. Personally I think iPhone X is the first iPhone (since forever) which has enough grip to be used without a case.
So, Volker, why don't you try without a case and let us know how that goes... ;-)

Markus Dierker, 2018-03-15

No case!

Since day one I used my iPhones without a case.
I always liked the design of the iPhone, and I felt uncofortable in putting a case around it - what would the device´s design be worth if you couldn´t see it.
Pretty sure nobody would wrap his designer furniture in foil or put a bumper around his watch and jewlery.

I´m not too carefull with my devices, but the thought of not having my device protected, prevents me from being too careless.
I was lucky, since I´m pretty sure I dropped every single one of my iPhones. But only once I had a broken display on my iPhone 6.

Even my iPhone X fell down from the windowsill once - onto the tiled floor. Again I was lucky, no broken glass only a small den on the bezel over the lightning port, which keeps the lightning cable a little bit tighter.
iPhone X doesn´t slip out of the hand, but it easily slides on slippy surfaces.

Jorge Reis Pires, 2018-03-15

Thanks for all your input. You are as conflicted as I am.

I have used most iPhones without a case. Until I dropped an iPhone 6 Plus, or 6S Plus. Cannot remember. I try to forget that incident.

Volker Weber, 2018-03-15

I bought AppleCare+ for my X and use it without a case. I don't like the extra heft and bulk a case adds.

Valentin Woelm, 2018-03-15

just bought this https://www.pack-smooch.com/de/iphone-x/8/8-plus-wallet-case-kirkby.html - best combination of case and usability - but other people might hate pulling a phone out of a sleeve

daniel bott, 2018-03-15

I will never break my phone while it is my pocket. But pulling it out of something like this is almost guaranteed to let me slip it.

Volker Weber, 2018-03-15

I use my iPhone X without a case. Already dropped it a couple of times. Way more often than any of my other iPhones before - it is in fact a bit slippery. And yes, as Jorge wrote: It especially easily slides on (and off! ;-) any plain surface.

The good thing: It is more solid than you might think. No scratch or even more serious damage (yet).

Jonas Rathert, 2018-03-15

Here is the trick that I learned with the Lumias, that were really good "gliders": Never put the phone face down on the table. If it sits on the camera it will not be sliding off.

Volker Weber, 2018-03-15

I never drop my phone. Oh, except for last night when it landed on cement when I got out of my car. And another time it landed flat on its face. Broke the tempered glass screen protector both times and scratched up the tiny case I have a little.

The real reason I have a case, since I never drop my phone, is that the phone is just too slippery and maybe too narrow without one. Unfortunately it feels more comfortable with a case or bumper (I have both.) But I never drop my phone...

Bill Greenberg, 2018-03-15

I used to use sleeves for all my previous phones but moved to the Apple leather case for the X since it's so slippery (and expensive). The leather feels great, looks good, no fingerprints on the glossy glass back, and excellent protection - perfect. Great photo by the way.

Jochen Kattoll, 2018-03-15

Thanks, Jochen. And thanks for the LOLs, Bill.

Volker Weber, 2018-03-15

My first silver Xwas scratched in the Apple leather case. Don't ask me how.
I have returned it and bought a Grey X which has no visible micro scratches in my colour-of-the-year extra superb ultraviolet silicon case:-).

Horia Stanescu , 2018-03-15

That's something I never got: Why is there always such a buzz about the design, the material ofthe back, how it feels in the hand etc. if 90% of users wrap their phones in rubber cases anyway?

Lucius Bobikiewicz, 2018-03-15

Ich habe zwar "nur" ein 7er, aber auch das ist mir zu schade zum runter fallen lassen... also Hülle..

Ragnar Schierholz, 2018-03-16

There was this one day when I didn't use my 6 Plus without a case while hiking through a forest. Pulled it out, slipped out of my hand, landed face down on the frontside hitting the only stone within 10 meters. When I picked it up, the Spiderman app was installed and the iPhone was bent as well. Never used any iPhone without a case since that day.

Oliver Stör, 2018-03-16

Why do my skills in orthography increase 10 times immediately *after* I post a comment?

Should've been: ...when I did use my 6 plus...

Oliver Stör, 2018-03-16

I'm with Jorge here, I use my iPhones without a safety net since 2007. At the beginning I simply admired the pure aesthetics of this device. Many people didn't recognize it in those days until I told them, it was an eyecatcher in meetings ... I didn't want do spoil this effect by using one of these clumsy cases ;)

This effect is long gone now, but not ruining the design with a case became a habit. This also forces you to be extra careful and focused when pulling it out of your pocket, use it to navigate through a crowded place or taking a photo on a sailing vessel in a storm ... which is the right state of mind in these situations anyway.

Another habit from those days is an everlasting addiction for fancy new unknown gadgets.

Axel von Dielingen, 2018-03-16

I never used a case for my iphones. I won’t buy „the best phone in the world“ and put it into a cheap case.
Have I dropped them? Yes of yourse. But since iPhone 3S only one had a spider-app-damage. And with Apple Care+ I‘m somehow secure.

Thomas Lang, 2018-03-16

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