I have given up on the #Sonos controller

by Volker Weber

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As I was listening to the Are & Be playlist this morning I noticed an even more immersive UX on the Spotify app. You just see the current album art and you can swipe back and forth. If you tap the screen, you get additional UI controls.

Which reminded me that I need to put the Spotify app on the bottom of my screen to replace the Sonos app. I cannot really remember when I last used the Sonos controller. It just became too complicated and I am still confused by its awkward interface.


If I want to adjust the volume or skip a track, I always use the Apple Watch "Now Playing" app. And yes, I wear the watch on my right arm with the digital crown to the right. That way I can control the volume with my left thumb on the crown while I hold the watch with my index and middle fingers.


Kann ich gut verstehen. Bei dem Interface. Wäre ein Grund für mich zu Spotify zu wechseln. Mmmh.

Aber unter iOS kann das nur Spotify, oder?
Soweit ich das in der Deezer-App sehen kann, kann ich dort keine Sonos-Bixen direkt ansteuern.

Wir hören allerdings regelmäßig Radio über Sonos. Dafür muss ich dann sowieso wieder in die Sonos-App.

Matthias Welling, 2018-04-03

Radio-Sender habe ich auf den Logi POP programmiert. Siehe https://vowe.net/stuff Das ist so ein Ding, was man sogar über Alexa hinkriegen würde.

Volker Weber, 2018-04-03

Have you tried the SonoPhone from http://sonophone.de ? It is a much "smoother" interface. I am happy to pay to get rid of the awkward Sonos controller.

I just downloaded it. Sonos should buy it and rework their app IMO.

Frank Paolino, 2018-04-10

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